Challenge #6

Inspired by Audrey - This week's guest judge takes his inspirations for his incredible collections from many areas. This week you must take on a muse that has inspired Randall Craig himself. Your challenge this week is to create a design that is Inspired by Audrey(Hepburn). This should not be a remade or copied Audrey outfit, but something that you have designed that would suit Audrey's style and be something Audrey would have loved to wear.
If I imagine that Audrey Hepburn is still alive and lives as a young woman nowadays, I'm sure she would have still her special style which would be characterized by classic designs and colors. So I've chosen black, white and a shimmering olive-green for an outfit in straight lines. Integrity Toys Poppy Parker wears a black turtleneck sweater made of two different fabrics, simple black pants and an olive-green taffeta coat. The accessories are made of hand painted black and white patent leather.
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