Challenge #7

Mad WoMEN - Our guest judge this week is the owner of the fabulous Dressmaker Details. This line is famous for it's fantastic cocktail fashions with that 60's flair. Your challenge this week will be to design the perfect cocktail fashion for your model, who by the way will be wearing your design as she guest stars in an episode of the wildly popular TV series Mad Men, entitled, The Cocktail Party.
I've never heard of the Mad Man series till it was theme of this contest, so I had to do a lot of investigations before I started to work.
I think if Veronique Perrin has a roll in an Mad Man episode which is called "The Cocktail Party" the costume designer will made a little black dress for her. In the early sixties the little black dress became very famous. Veronique would play the role of a sophisticated woman, men couldn't resist when she arrives at the party in this outfit.
The dress was made of two different black fabrics, adorned with a bow in front, a few tiny shank buttons back and to close with hooks. The bag was made of real leather. She wears fishnet stockings. The outfit completes a small black hat and pearl jewelry. The model: Fashion Royalty Vanessa Perrin Traveler By Nature head on a taller Fashion Royalty body.
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