Who is Frau E.?

Frau E. (or Ms E.) is Kathrin Stareprawo, born 1971, from beautiful Saxony or, to be more precise, from Leipzig.
For several years she has been indulged in passion for fashion dolls in several ways.
So she started with doing makeovers of Barbies from the flea market and later she made living-rooms for the dolls and took photos for picture stories. No matter what, as long as it was fun and an outlet for creativity.
One thing has always accompanied Frau E.: The creating of new clothes for the little women. Now she wants other fashion doll fans to profit from this as well and so, after careful consideration, this page came into being. Her absolute favourites are the "little" articulated fashion dolls like Fashion Royalty®. She does not really care for the big ones.

For which dolls are Frau E.'s clothes suitable?

The clothes offered here are designed for smooth jointed doll bodies.
You will find more details about the suitable body in Etsy descriptions.
You can of course put the clothes you bought on every doll you like, but in this case it might not be a perfect fit.

Who is supposed to be appealed by the doll's clothes made by Frau E.?

The garments are made for adult Fashion Doll collectors or for teenagers.
They are not designed for child's play!